Interim Management

Short-term staff position coverage solutions for HR shortage situations. On-site or remote complete HR department.



Support for problem definition in team and leadership development. Custom HR Department for startups.



Professional assistance for employees during the change and new orientation processes due to staff reduction and/or restructuring.


As an experienced HR Expert NDS HF with additional certification in Human Resources Management and Organisational Development and Consulting, I am solution oriented and focused in supporting you in all relevant issues of HR Management.

I acquired my long-term experience as Head of HR in a number of different industries (Pharma, Chemical, MedTech, IT) working for SMEs and publicly listed corporations.

In day-to-day interactions involving both clients and employees, I value respect, openness, transparency and a high regard for individuals.

My mandates include interim management assignments for covering temporary shortages in Human Resources departments, support of Startups as they employ their first co-workers and consulting relating to team development, talent development and outplacement counselling.

Heide Henauer Triple HR Services