HR Consulting

What does an HR-strategy look like? We offer support at every stage of Analysis, Development and Implementation of the HR-strategy, aligned with corporate goals and culture.

Tailored solutions for Startups

You’ve had a successful start with your new enterprise and now plan to recruit your first employees?

As your external HR department, we support you through the whole recruitment process, from drafting employment contracts to obtaining work permits and designing compensation models.

Our solutions can be tailored to time spent on the project or as a comprehensive package.

Team and Leadership Development

How do you form a team of high performers?

What aspects of the different personalities must be taken into consideration to build a successful team? By using the Power Potential Profile® you receive triple feedback on personality, attitude, and competencies.

Further topics

  • Development of company culture and values
  • Support of intercultural teams (local and remote)
  • Conflict management